John Wilhelmsson is the owner and operator of John's Lock & Key. Born and raised in San Jose, John remembers running through the orchards as a child with his three brothers and three sisters. John went to work with his father in a machine shop full time at age 16 and started his career as a locksmith at age 19.

He took the time to get educated along the way and now holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from San Jose State University. His thesis on the philosopher Edith Stein was named best in his college and later became the best selling large print philosophy book on The Transposition of Edith Stein: Her Contributions to Philosophy, Feminism, and the Theology of the Body. He has written and published several other books through his Chaos To Order Publishing house. John currently runs both John's Lock & Key and Chaos To Order Publishing and teaches Ethics courses at his alma mater San Jose State University.