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COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers.

Hope you are all doing well during these interesting times. First, I want you to all know that since locksmiths provide for safety and security we are considered to be an essential service and that I have personally clarified this with the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department.

As a courtesy to my clients, I am following social distancing guidelines and washing my hands between each service call. Also, to create minimal disturbance to the occupants, working from the outside of the building has long been a favorite method of mine. However, it is important to note that locksmiths do often have to work in the doorway with the door at least partially open. And that door handles are things that do get a great deal of contact so they should be wiped down frequently.

As a locksmith, I have been dealing with the health issues associated with the trade for decades. Therefore, our current situation is simply a good reminder of things long known. I always make courtesy and respect toward the client my guiding principle so am I happy to do whatever I can to accommodate to your needs during these times.