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COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers.

As a courtesy to our clients John's Lock & Key guidelines are to wear a face mask while indoors with others and to wash hands between each job. John's Lock & Key is also observing the courtesy of respecting the medical choices and privacy of others by not asking questions about vaccination status.

To create minimal disturbance to the occupants, working from the outside of the building has long been a favorite method. However, it is important to note that, even while doing this, locksmiths do have to work in the doorway with the door at least partially open and that door handles are things that do get a great deal of contact so they should be wiped down frequently.

As a locksmith, I have been dealing with the health issues associated with the trade for decades. Therefore, our current situation is simply a good reminder of things long known. I always make courtesy and respect toward others my guiding principle so am I happy, in that spirit, to do what I can to accommodate your needs during these times.