Google Seeks Redemption With Its New "Adwords Express" Yet it is Still Best to "Go Organic."

Google's latest gambit into the advertising world was unveiled in the summer of 2015. "Adwords Express" promises to fix everything that is wrong with the online advertising of locksmiths even to the point of giving each of them a Pinkerton background check (which is in fact redundant because the State of California already does such checks before they issue a locksmith license).

The irony here is that the crisis of false advertising by scam locksmiths was at least partially created by Google's own lax practices (see "Locksmith Scam!") yet they now wish us to believe that they are going to rush to the rescue! So what is actually going on here?

In short, Google has figured out a way to "monetize" the crisis. However, in doing so the "organic" results on the left side of the Google search page are being pushed further and further down into oblivion by the new Adwords Express ads (the column on the far right side has always been Adwords ads). "Organic result" is a term that essentially means a true result of a search query. And good first page organic results are what Google had been known for and built its reputation upon. For the natural expectation of a person when using a search engine is that the search results received will in someway reflect reality--in some way be true. However, Google seems to have decided that truth is not as important as money so now the top "results" you will see on their search engine's first page will all be ads.

All of this is interesting but what does it mean for the average consumer? If you are looking for a good local locksmith, or any other kind of service professional, things just got harder and you are going to have to dig deeper down the page, past the Adwords Express ads, for the organic results . Even the phone numbers in these Adwords Express ads are misleading because they are not the real phone numbers of the locksmiths but ones generated by Google to track customer data. And this fact, as well as the background check process itself, has some legal minds saying that the "contractors" in these ads might now actually Google employees! (and the recent Uber legal ruling on this issue adds weight to this opinion).

Recently, Google changed its motto from "Don't do evil" to "Don't be evil" and many wondered what this change really means? With the recent reorganization of the corporation it is clear that something is going on at Google. Will Google continue to be a reliable search engine which attempts to bring people good organic results or will they give into greed and put the truth up for sale? Will all locksmiths be foolish enough to let Google take away their phone number and covertly make them into employees or will some of them resist? What will the effect of most locksmiths becoming pseudo Google employees be on the average consumer?

These answers are still to come yet one thing does seem certain: The old term "Go Organic" just took on a whole new meaning!