Why "Home Services" Websites Are Nothing But The Locksmith Scam Redux

The locksmith scam goes on and now has inspired imitators. Mainly in the form of the new "Home Services" websites. These websites advertise that they have all sorts of home services available but the problem is that, in certain cases, they in fact do not.

I receive several phones calls a week from these exchanges informing me that they have locksmith work for me. The problem is that I have never entered into an agreement with any of them to do any locksmith work! What this means is that these "Home Services" websites are advertising that they can do lock repair work when they cannot!

Not only is this false advertising but it also leads to any work that does get done being performed by possibly unqualified locksmiths scraped off the bottom of the barrel. I say this because any self-respecting established locksmith is hardly going to let some website become a third party between himself and his clients.

In a service business only two parties, the client and the service person, should be involved. Anyone else who is involved is not really performing any necessary function. For both in terms of direct communication and fair compensation only the client and the service person are needed.

Third parties generally get involved in business transactions so they can collect a "cut" of the profit. However, they have not earned a cut of the profit and said cut almost always comes from the consumer. This only drives up costs and leads to inferior service (one can think of the healthcare business as a great example of this).

This is why at John's Lock & Key you only talk to John and only John, with his over 30 years of experience, ever performs your rekey, lock change, lock repair, or other locksmith work.

The more parties involved in a business transaction the worse things are for the consumer. So beware the third party exchanges. They engage in misleading advertising, provide no real important service, clog up the lines of direct communication, and can only be in existence to collect more money from you!