Lets talk about cost verses value. I can put a $20 lock on your door that will last 4 years or I can put a $50 lock on your door that will last 25 years. With the first, you are paying $5 per year for an inferior lock while with the second you are paying $2 per year for a superior lock. Therefore, which of the two is the better value? The one with the higher cost of course!

Yet it is not just in hardware but also installation where this can be true. For example, I have been out to many homes which appear to have deadbolts installed on them yet the deadbolts were installed by an amateur who failed to prepare the strike and the frame properly. By this I mean that they have installed deadbolts which never have actually deadbolted at all! In such cases not only has the consumer paid good money and gotten little value but they very little security as well!

The common theme here is that a consumer has sought to cut cost, either in terms of hardware or installation, yet in reality has gotten poor value and in some cases completely sacrificed security. The main reason for this is that they thought they could not find a good qualified locksmith they could trust to help them with their project. And the same is true, just on a larger scale, with facilities and property managers as well.

So how can you as a consumer or manager get not just the lowest cost but the best value? The answer is simple: Contact an experienced fully certified locksmith with a good reputation and strong ties in your local community. Contact John's Lock & Key today where you always speak only to John directly. Let us discuss your project and get your needs met in a way that brings you both good security and value!